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Work with us | Bucharest Law Office | Stoian and Rotari

How much does it cost – fees

Tell us more about your case and based on the information, we will be able to make a time and cost estimate

In view of the phenomenon of inflation of legal services, which has grown in recent years, the policy of our fees is meant to be a competitive one. We were trying to address a broad category of clientele, based on the principle that in a modern society, as many people as possible should have the opportunity to be provided with legal consultation or to receive assistance in solving a problem. Thus, our fees try to best reflect the work done according to the complexity of the problem.

More information on fees

In accordance with the provisions of the Status of the profession of lawyer, the fees charged by our company for the provision of legal services requested by customers may be:

  1. Fixed fees (flat fees) corresponding to the performance of each legal task (consist of fixed amounts due to the lawyers of our company for professional services or for categories of such professional services provided for the Client);
  2. Monthly subscriptions, for the lawyers’ services provided by the lawyers of our company and aimed at the current activity of each client (the lawyers’ services provided on the basis of the monthly subscriptions do not include the interventions necessary to defend the client’s rights and interests in the court or before the arbitration courts, administrative-jurisdictional or criminal investigation bodies. In the case of such cases, the fees shall be determined by mutual agreement and in accordance with the provisions indicated in paragraph 1 above;
  3. Success fees (consist of fixed or variable amounts set for our company’s lawyers when achieving a certain result. These success fees can be agreed upon together with the flat fees).
    Any fee shall be freely established between the lawyer and its client and shall be materialized in the Legal Aid Contract and the annexes thereto.

Also, in accordance with the provisions of art. 127 of the Status of the profession of lawyer, the fees will be evaluated in relation to the difficulty, extent or duration of settling each legal issue of the client. Their determination will depend on each of the following elements:

  1. The time and workload required for the execution of the mandate received or the activity required by the client;
  2. The nature, novelty and difficulty of the case;
  3. The importance of the interests in the case;
  4. The fact that the acceptance of the mandate granted by the client prevents the lawyer from accepting a different mandate from another person, if that circumstance can be ascertained by the client without further investigation;
  5. Cooperation with experts or other specialists, required by the nature, object, complexity and difficulty of the case;
  6. The advantages and results obtained for the client’s profit as a result of the lawyer’s work;
  7. The time constraints in which the lawyer is obliged, by the circumstances of the case, to act in order to ensure the provision of the legal services.

Work with us

Tell us more about your case

Bucharest, 35 Batiștei Street, 2nd floor, ap. 11 Sector 2.

+ 40 74 03 86 493 | + 40 74 05 75 881

You have many reasons to work with us, read about us below and about what makes us different.


Our law firm can address and advise both using legal English as a language of international circulation as well as French and Russian languages. It is to be noted in this regard that we offer services to citizens of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Russia or other states of the ex-Soviet space in their administrative arrangements in the territory of the Romanian State.

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We fully respect each client, we are totally involved in each project. This is our recipe for success, that’s how we have come to these results.


In this profession, listening plays a key role, because it allows for the understanding of the client’s needs and for obtaining critical information for success.


We’re counting on communication. You will learn from us in a transparent manner what the collaboration with us involves, which are the costs, time estimates, settlement strategies.


Our goal is to find the solution for your problems. The prevention part is equally important for avoiding unwanted litigious situations.

We Care – Stoian and Rotari Law Office

This is how we are different and on this truth we lay the foundations of our collaboration.